Saturday, June 12, 2010

Ride Remix, Shutterbug (The titles, they are not creative.)

Let second era the Ice Cold remixes be happening for real and not just in my imagination!

Here is a remix of Ciara's Ride with Andre 3000 and Bei Maejor.

Hey, Miss Lady.

Pure spun sugar, right? Yeah, but with Andre for some reason. I will not complain. Getting hit on by Andre 3000 while eating cotton candy in a glitter sun shower: now in song format.

Ciara sounds nice too.

Did he just shout out Nicki Minaj? Sir, he did.

Oh, you missed me? How kind of you to say.

And to get you even more excited about Big Boi's new album (although apparently record label problems might keep Senior Three Stacks off it? What? No!) here's the song you loved three months ago. AND STILL LOVE.

Baby baby, you're in my system.

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Not New Track: Charlie Wilson

Hullo All,

Here's a song. It's not new. It's off Charlie Wilson's latest thinger. There was a music video that was centered on Snoop's reality show.

I was entirely won over when he used the phrase "Miss Lady".

Or was it the juxtaposition of the quotidian with the emphatic? Hmm? Stroke chin perspicaciously?

"I went to the mall, just to hang out and stuff and like couldn't find anywhere to park. and then there was this girl and THERE GOES MY BABAAAAYYYY. THERE GOES MY DESTINY. And then she was buying shoes, and I saw her again at the food court. SHE'S GONNA BE THE ONE. WE'RE GONNA FALL IN LOVE. WE'RE GONNA HAVE SOME BABIES."

Mundane details punctuated with dramatic proclamations of strong feelings - this is a formula that works for me.

Also consider that if taken literally, he's actually singing this aloud in the mall. At the girl.

This is the kind of foolishness that brings sweet shoots of spring grass to the tundra of my heart. I am not being snarky, this is a beautiful love song.

I feel like it has a correlate in this:

Which also makes me cozy.

In this one she is explicitly yelling in the church, though.

Because Yvonne Fair is the business.


Monday, June 7, 2010

Hail Happy Birthday to the Heliotrope Hero (Alliteration? Always Awesome.)

Prince is 52 today.

This adds 'age' to the long list of things (including gender roles and common sense) that he defies.

Patent leather heels!

I think you love him.


Talking about Ms. Aguilera's comeback just isn't interesting to me.

But every time I see this:

I think of this:

Madness? Or Aptness?

Georgia Engels is great. I'd like to see a Mary Tyler Moore resurgence, similar to - but not to the exclusion of - the Golden Girls Renaissance.

Saturday, May 29, 2010

I Know Damn Well Y'all Feeling This Shit

So Mr. West is back. I missed His Spasticness something fierce.

K p by user9196076

1) He continues to draw heavily from the Weezy flow which ...

2) Makes him sound a lot like cantankerous Great Uncle Ye. Who's feeling much vexed by the kids next door. Huh??!!! No. You can't have your ball back. Fuck you. Yeah, TELL your mom I said that. Punk ass bitch.

3) The beat itself sounds like his college drop out sound ( child choir, piano, John Legendy swoopy backing vocals) filtered through 808s and Heartbreak (pulsing, building atonal repetition, 'tribal' (hate that term) drums, sample).

4) Tell me he doesn't count Liz Lemon on the list of SNLer who can fuck themselves! Not Liz Lemon!

5) I'm saying it'll be big and bodes well for the album. Yeah yeah, super controversial.

Tuesday, March 9, 2010


So every single thing that can bring joy? In this video.

I love his stupid friend. Just driving around in some car with ladies and someone in a gorilla suit. Call up your buddy and harass him. Get out by the side of the highway? And DANCE.

You want to hang out with these guys.

70 Million Visual Allusions! No, you're a nerd.

C'mon kids, put those BFAs to good use and play name that painting! Gotta catch em all!

70 Million by Hold Your Horses ! from L'Ogre on Vimeo.

The combination of really nicely executed, beautifully lit impressions (Parodies? Pastiches. Um. Copies. Tableaus.(Tableaux) Whatevs.) with the deliberately crafty, homespun ones keeps it extra watchable. Says me.

I wish this had been more like that.

Although I suppose that's unfair. The heaven clip isn't trying to make the girls look like art, more like create the feeling of being a tourist around art (flash fade in, like you're taking a picture, epic shots of cathedrals, stately homes, albeit suspiciously vacant) and to my mind evokes the day dreamy thinking about your girl/boy/other you do when you're wandering around on vacation, missing them.

Or maybe it's just like "Dude, the song's called heaven. Let's go shoot in some churches and stuff. Woo expenses paid Vay-Cay! Also? Hot chicks. But like, classy hot. You know. Like art." Smooth move, Mr. Williams.

La Guerre des Etoiles - a la discotheque!!!!!!....!!!

Sometimes we forget, all you need is some star wars costumes and the Frenchest choreography available. Music video: DONE.

Is the best part the way the host plays with the balloon at the beginning? Peut etre.