Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Wave of the Future!

This is without a doubt the most happy making thing I have seen this month. I don't know how you get school kids of this age to perform with this much unself-conscious gusto. I don't know how these kids are so god damned cute. I don't know how we came to this place where people are seemingly brimming with zingy-fun-times over a presidential election. But I like it. A LOT.

You can vote however you like

I wish I had something a little deeper to say. But this just makes me glad.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Beyonce vs. Feist: Dance Off!

Feist seems like a lovely lady and is very talented. She'd make a great kindergarten teacher or chair of an important committee for preservation of the arts. Her voice is a whimsical pigeon, her hair a cascade of silk. I'm saying all this so the indie kids don't cut me for the following: chica cannot dance. Which is fine, she doesn't have to, her videos don't need it. But nobody has the guts to tell her that.

Feist - 1234

To my mind that dancing is at best "jolie laide" as the french say.

Oh no! You reply. You don't get it! She may not be the most precise or technical dancer, but she conveys a spirit, you know? It's free and joyful and more than a little bit retro! It's fun, it's dancing in front of the mirror and not caring if anyone's looking! Whee! Uninhibited joyful rhythmic expression! No. NO. I know what all that "wheeeeee!!" looks like, and "wheeeee!!"? Looks like THIS:

Beyonce - Single Ladies

God Bless B. That other single is so bad I don't even want to talk about it. Except to say that it sounds like something Kelly Clarkson would reject. And that has already been written by Joan Osborne before Joan Osborne got funky. So yeah, we're not talking about that other single. And sure, this one does sound like Get Me Bodied, but I LIKED Get Me Bodied. A lot.

To conclude this video is like the most bad ass and inappropriate high school lip-synch ever.

And now, an oldie but goodie. Happy Wednesday.

But you know what Feist? Do you.

Monday, October 13, 2008

Begging from Norway

Just a quick post. This video has a lot that's great. Thrusting, blaxploitation and a dash of reality (who hasn't fallen asleep playing Xbox 360?). It's all about balance, kids.

Oh and the damn near perfect song. This guys are from Norway (whaaaat?!). Yeah.

Madcon - Begging

And yeah, this song is almost a year old, I'm so far behind the curve I've been lapped. One of the many bad things about not living in Scandinavia.