Saturday, May 29, 2010

I Know Damn Well Y'all Feeling This Shit

So Mr. West is back. I missed His Spasticness something fierce.

K p by user9196076

1) He continues to draw heavily from the Weezy flow which ...

2) Makes him sound a lot like cantankerous Great Uncle Ye. Who's feeling much vexed by the kids next door. Huh??!!! No. You can't have your ball back. Fuck you. Yeah, TELL your mom I said that. Punk ass bitch.

3) The beat itself sounds like his college drop out sound ( child choir, piano, John Legendy swoopy backing vocals) filtered through 808s and Heartbreak (pulsing, building atonal repetition, 'tribal' (hate that term) drums, sample).

4) Tell me he doesn't count Liz Lemon on the list of SNLer who can fuck themselves! Not Liz Lemon!

5) I'm saying it'll be big and bodes well for the album. Yeah yeah, super controversial.