Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Yay reaching for analogues! And being offensive in the process!

This article is sort of offensive.

They are both products of an interracial marriage. Their fathers, black, hailed from Africa, one from Kenya, the other from Nigeria. Their mothers, white, hailed from the hinterland, one from Kansas in the American Midwest, the other from Edmonton in Canada's frozen north...."When you watch Obama and see the way he pulls people in; he sucks them in like tractor beams; and creates a buzz - that's the same way Jarome does it too," Conroy said. "Their messages are so positive. You can see emotion in the way they express themselves."...During his campaign, Obama spoke frequently about how his values were formed, largely as a result of his upbringing. Iginla says virtually the same things.

Imagine the story meeting:
"So, I want to compare Iginla to Obama."

"On what basis? They're totally different."

"No no! They're both HALF BLACK....and I guess they're leaders and junk. Yeah. SO SIMILAR!"

"Oh. Well plenty of people say 'their family helped shape them' and have friends who are willing to say nice things about them."

"They both have Dads from Africa, though. Spooky, eh?"

"Where in Africa? Like, the same town? It's a big place. Doesn't sound TOO too similar."

"No no no! Didn't you hear me? They're both half black. AND half white. THEY ARE SEPARATED AT BIRTH!"

"Fine, whatever, I'm on lunch."


Front page of the section!

I'm surprised they didn't point out both their names start with a vowel and end with an a. That is some trivial, ill conceived shit right there.

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