Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Beyonce for Press Secretary?

Beyonce's double album probs doesn't need to be a double album. The non-special edition of the thing only has eleven tracks, so from a super green perspective it's kind of a WASTE OF CARBON. BEYONCE HATES THE ENVIRONMENT. Whhaaaaatevs. The reason its a double album is that it allows Bey to indulge her cheesy, middle-am friendly ballad self on the "Beyonce' album and spend another album being the woman who is constantly channelling Prince's various backup dancers (eg: freaking on people, having legs, being the best thing ever).

This is all because, as an overexposed super-celeb B has always remained kind of removed, kind of distant and private. The split personality thing is supposed to give us some insight - she's multifaceted! Maybe bi-faceted. Beyonce's always been far more impassioned in music than in person. The woman has a carefulness when answering questions that White House Press Secretaries would kill for. That's why this interview is kind of awesome. She acts like a person, not an idealized abstraction of fabulousness.

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