Thursday, July 9, 2009

Beyoncé My Fiancée

Beyonce released a new video today. All I can come up with right now is "Girl, stop. You are killing them."

Naw, I've got more to say, but I'll leave it 'til I can find me an embeddable, high quality version of the video. Here's a taster of the video:

Naw...I've got to say more because, like, just, Maaaannnnnnn. Go find the video on youtube, I won't be mad.

See, I kind of hated this song when it was leaked way way back in times of yore. I was just not behind the idea of a synthetic casing for Beybey's voice, I wanted to let it breathe. I wasn't feeling this pulsing sort of vibe. I wanted a big warm beat. Two things have now won me over. One, the vibrato she throws all over the bridge. Aaaaah! And now, two, this video. WERK!

(Which reminds me: I'll have to post about Ciara's now-not-too-new video because my girlfriend number two Melina directed it and it Spits. Hot. Fire).

I wasn't feeling the song because I first fell for Beyonce, really and truly, like trying to convert other people truly, when I heard Suga Mama. And that's all wanted her to do for ever and ever. Gut bucket guitar. Saucy ass horns. Come sit on mama's lap.

Re-listen to this song and the first thing you should think is: "If this were someone's first single, we'd all be falling over ourselves in a post-Winehouse longing for retro to be restored. We'd hail this woman as a sexified, saleable Sharon Jones lite."

That won't be the first thing you think, though. The first think you think will be "THIGHS."

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