Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Uh, WE all knew he was still famous. Oh, Dave.

"Thousands of people packed the square late Tuesday night and into Wednesday morning, drawn by the ethereal promise of an appearance by the popular comedian. They stayed two hours despite a tiny sound system that made Chappelle nearly inaudible, creating one of the most remarkable spontaneous gatherings in Portland history.... instead of the 200 people Chappelle said he anticipated showing up at the square, thousands did. He had no entourage and, apparently, not one security guard.

Chappelle kept speaking to the crowd, at one point saying he was proud, "when people can stand this close together and not be angry."

He said he didn't realise he was still famous.

Bless. He's so dear! And talented! And brimming with integrity! Maybe this means he's planning a comeback...but, uh, without the planning aspect. Seemingly the show didn't work out so much.

Full story here

PS: Really?
The ethereal promise? I call foul, Oregonlive! In your haste to gush you've gotten imprecise with your language. Calm yourself.

PPS: If that doesn't make you ruminate on These Days of Internets, then I don't know what. I just. Don't. Know. (What.) (WHAT?!) (Yeah.)

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