Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Not New Track: Charlie Wilson

Hullo All,

Here's a song. It's not new. It's off Charlie Wilson's latest thinger. There was a music video that was centered on Snoop's reality show.

I was entirely won over when he used the phrase "Miss Lady".

Or was it the juxtaposition of the quotidian with the emphatic? Hmm? Stroke chin perspicaciously?

"I went to the mall, just to hang out and stuff and like couldn't find anywhere to park. and then there was this girl and THERE GOES MY BABAAAAYYYY. THERE GOES MY DESTINY. And then she was buying shoes, and I saw her again at the food court. SHE'S GONNA BE THE ONE. WE'RE GONNA FALL IN LOVE. WE'RE GONNA HAVE SOME BABIES."

Mundane details punctuated with dramatic proclamations of strong feelings - this is a formula that works for me.

Also consider that if taken literally, he's actually singing this aloud in the mall. At the girl.

This is the kind of foolishness that brings sweet shoots of spring grass to the tundra of my heart. I am not being snarky, this is a beautiful love song.

I feel like it has a correlate in this:

Which also makes me cozy.

In this one she is explicitly yelling in the church, though.

Because Yvonne Fair is the business.


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