Saturday, June 12, 2010

Ride Remix, Shutterbug (The titles, they are not creative.)

Let second era the Ice Cold remixes be happening for real and not just in my imagination!

Here is a remix of Ciara's Ride with Andre 3000 and Bei Maejor.

Hey, Miss Lady.

Pure spun sugar, right? Yeah, but with Andre for some reason. I will not complain. Getting hit on by Andre 3000 while eating cotton candy in a glitter sun shower: now in song format.

Ciara sounds nice too.

Did he just shout out Nicki Minaj? Sir, he did.

Oh, you missed me? How kind of you to say.

And to get you even more excited about Big Boi's new album (although apparently record label problems might keep Senior Three Stacks off it? What? No!) here's the song you loved three months ago. AND STILL LOVE.

Baby baby, you're in my system.

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